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At Kelvin Auto Care Our service quality and deliver is second to non internationally and Nationally.

Like the world famous physicist, The Kelvin scale fulfills Thomson's requirements as an absolute thermodynamic temperature scale. This means we deliver STEAMING HOT SERVICE at SPINE CHILLING COOL DEALS!!

This is only achieved by sticking to elevating our norm to 100% excellence in service delivery methods. This is coupled with a guarantee that will leave you speechless. if you are not satisfied we simply refund you. Bold statements backed by World class service delivery technics skillfully crafted by the upper echelon in the industry.

We provide Platinum member ship service delivery to every client giving every client a front seat in private class on the sales journey with us placing non above the other at a cost of economy class tickets.

This is achieved by building great relationships with the amazing gargantuan motor industry stake holders nationally and internationally. Allowing us to purchase quality replacements parts and consumables at great quantity and discount. The price temperature scales balance for your benefit when invoices are ridiculously lowered to accommodate for all budgets. Your business is our most valuable asset.tra